In the shelter of your eyes

I fear not the rain that smashes itself over me,
Washing me away as the sea
Washes away sand castles, easily,
And confidently, so sure of its might
Over the triviality of everything else!

I fear not the rain,
Because your gaze, so deep and desirous,
Is there to remind me that
I can be mighty too, in mysticism
And in the magic that surrounds us all!
In your eyes, I feel sheltered
From any catastrophe that may strike me,
For in their depths, I have found my anchorage,
They being the pond that I,
Mere nymph, needed to find!

And I just need to sit back, close my eyes and relax
While letting the clock
Tick itself away
To then when I shall stand in front of you again
And smile at the firmness of your gaze,
For I shall know that such will dissipate once
We shall be alone, in our own sanctuary!

3 thoughts on “In the shelter of your eyes

  1. Amita Paul

    The striking metaphor of the lover’s eyes as the pools in which the insecure nymph narrating the poem’s story , finds anchorage , dominates this love poem .


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