In Our Dreams

The moon, being the glowing silver ball that it is,
Having been placed there by the higher powers
To allow humans some moments of romanticism
On those nights when the arrows of suffering dance
In their bloodstream,
Allowed itself to invade the mysterious part of my dreams
Merely to let me know that I have been neglecting its power!

Yes, my meditation time have I been forsaking,
My crystals have I not been charging,
Having been completely taken up with the tiredness
That overpowers each and every working girl of the world!

The moon, though, as if it was missing me and my veneration of it
Came into my dreams and made me remember that I am its Goddess,
And that my duty remains in living the life of a mystic,
A mystic driven solely by the skies’ wishes and by the worshipping of such!

Pray, I know, life projects itself as being the sole truth we can see
Whatever lies beyond what can perceive our senses is mere speculations
But then, life is also shrouded with mystery,
Mystery which is reflected in those messages sent to us
By that which we cannot understand,
In our dreams,
Merely to guide us on our fated paths!

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