In my fairy tale

In my fairy tale,

You are the prince who saves me

From the dragons of the demon of darkness!

In my fairy tale,

You are the God for whom I spawned

The only one with whom I open the door

Of my heart and the only one

To whom I show how luminous my soul

Can be!

In my fairy tale,

You remain my ruler,

The only one who can order me around

The only one to whom I obey

While showing my bossiness

To the rest of the realm!

In my fairy tale,

I hold no insecurities in my heart,

No trust issues, no fears, no doubts,

No confusions, no temper tantrums thrown

As in my fairy tale,

You are true to me!

In my fairy tale,

You choose where to create rainbows

While I paint them

You choose where to place lions

While I draw them to life

You choose where to wreck

While I blast it forth with poetry!

In my fairy tale, Love,

Tears exist not,

Fears exist not,

Neither do threats

Nor do agonies of all sorts!

In my fairy tale,

The whole cosmos survives

Only when our hearts sing

For each other,

Songs of love, songs of eternity

Songs of mystery, songs of mysticism

Songs of transcendence, songs of the divine

Songs venerating our love

Songs created for us,

By those angels watching over us

As if,

We were new born babies!

Yet, the line between the real life

And the fairy tale

Gets rubbed out at times

When it does,

Chills prick me

Harshness grips my heart

Invisible swords destroy my soul

And I,

Can’t help but morph into a moist piece of paper,

Easily shredded into pieces

Unable to be stuck back together

With my writings washed away!

Pray, wish I had a key, a secret one, a magical one,

I would have opened the doors of my fairy world

And I would have lived there,

Content By your side!

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