In God We Trust

In God we trust for everything

In Nature, do we grow,

For mountains once were molehills

Til, problems we let grow.


If only God was looked upon

With love in heart trust we,

For if in God we’d trusted, and

In beginning we did go

To Him above, but in our souls

Did His gracious Spirit dwell?


If God for real, allowed this earth

In all it’s tranquil beauty dwell

As witnessed we today –

The sun, in blazing glory, shines

With birds excitement in, do sing.


Loudest hosannas, to our God, and King,

Why shouldn’t we, in loudest Amens

Go before in honour, heart-felt prayer,

Go upon our knees, in gratitude?


In God we trust, or so we should

For everything we do,

For as our love, in God doth grow,

As He did make all things new

Our faith in Him, increase!


For as our faith in God, doth grow,

Our prayers, to Him above –

In Grace, and Solitude, and Love

Should we In God Do Trust?


© sew 2012

2 thoughts on “In God We Trust

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    “In God we trust”,is an impeccable Faith-Centered poem . The poem’s grammatical construction is interesting ,with regard to its usage of archaic phraseology.Expertly crafted ,it reminded me of 19th.Century Revival Hymns.Perhaps you had a melody or tune in mind during the writing of it?

  2. Sharon-Elizabeth Post author

    Thankyou Louis. I simply felt to write this poem, like all my others. When I feel inspired, I write. I do not check for grammar or the like either. I feel ‘how’ it must be said, so I say it. I hope this answers your question my friend?
    I am happy you like my poems though. If one of my poems helps another friend, not yet made, then I know what I write is good.
    I sense you know what I mean 🙂 Have a lovely day ! Sharon-Elizabeth


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