In a sea of people

Lost in a sea of people
I see you , seeking your past
Your eyes yearning
Amid a passing crowd

For a glimpse
On faces of all young men,
Possible masks of my real self
Long since lacerated , by you

They all look at you
Passers- by , enjoying their times
And you look for, some warmth
In a hundred blanket !

As you gesture toward the gaping skies
With tremulous hands outstretched,
There ain’t much rain left either
Having drizzled away , a far too long

And as you look intent
Telling eyes , heavy with crow’s-feet
It shone with an old gleam !
Meeting my eye , in a sea of people…

7 thoughts on “In a sea of people

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    As I began to read “In a sea of people”,I was struck immediately by the conviction that this poem would require further reading. Even after I’d finished reading it for the first time,I knew that there was much more “going on” than I had gleaned from my initial encounter.The line ,for example, “possible masks of my real self”,gives the reader a clue as to the many layers that make up this poem.The themes of looking,seeking and references to eyes really do engage the readers attention as well as curiousity.Great first post to share with us!

    1. lokesh roy

      Dear Sir,
      I must confess that you have brought out the best in the poem by the generous amount of appreciation specially coming from an acclaimed poet like yourself.I must convey my respectful thanks to you for the time you have given .with best regards….lokesh

  2. suzanne parlee

    I totally agree with Louis…needs to be enjoyed time and again…your words carry much meaning and I enjoy them so!


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