In a moment

In a moment,
there is no sound,
neither there is light or taste,
nor is there touch or smell.

In a moment,
there is no thought, perception or judgment,
neither there is memory, fear or movement,
nor is there love, label or prejudice.
In a moment, everything just is.

In a moment
everything is stationary,
for streams don’t flow,
trumpets don’t blow,
leaves don’t rustle,
crowds don’t jostle,
birds are  suspended in the blue drape
and clouds are fixed in the landscape.

In a moment,
a yelling man is stuck with an open mouth,
a kisser on the bed is unmoved with a pout,
a dancer on a stage is awkwardly posed,
a cyclist on a road is magically disposed,
a gymnast on a rope is beautifully balanced,
a climber on a cliff is precariously placed.

In a moment,
we neither breathe in,
nor out,
we are all dead
and yet alive.
In a moment,
life is just a snapshot.

A perception is a collection
of moments.
Life as we live can’t exist
without a trail of moments.

In a moment,
there is nothing
but in that void,
it bears everything.

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