I’m not scared at all

Pitter patter goes the rain,
and thunder begins to roar
The power’s out
The heating’s crashed
But I’m not scared at all.

It’s getting a lot darker
And Baker begins to howl.
The midnight owl’s dawning cry
Echos throughout.
I’m not scared at all?!?

Lightening strikes not once, but twice
Shadows wait in wings of light.
Creekin’ footsteps up the stairs.
Heart beats pound in my head
I begin to dread.

With an ounce of time,
With all my might I cry
-Dad, Dad, Dad, dad come running up the stairs,
I give him a big hug
And I tell him that I’m now scared.

By Naomi-Rose Walker, age 10 years (my daughter)

© Naomi-Rose Walker, 2015 (11th Sept. 2015)

3 thoughts on “I’m not scared at all

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A most lively , engaging and enjoyable work. The writer’s work shows a natural aptitude for the form and flow required for poetry.Hopefully they will continue to develop their literary skills and add to their poetic experience.


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