If life was a river

If only I could slide on life

As water does

If only I could adjust my tempo

In a most carefree manner

To the currents of life

As water does

When it becomes sometimes tranquil

And sometimes raging

Or even, when it gets all ecstatic

At the moment of falling in waterfalls

Free, unchained

Bold, destructive

Ravaging and uncaring!

Why, if only

Life was a flow

A flow down a river

A flow which, I, mere droplet of water

Would exalt in

Even if I would understand not my surroundings

Even if I would see not beyond the banks of the river

Even if I would not be able to survive without it


If only,

Life would allow me

To slide on it

As water does

Pray, living would have been as it should be

Enjoyable, playful

Engaged in having the child in me stay


Forever, pleasurable

And delightful!

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