I write to die

I write to die,

To die after pouring life on the paper,

To let the creation be alive

And float, stay or fly

It’s a process of consumption

Emotion, resurrection, consummation

But I get reborn, anew, lighter

It’s a compulsive murder

Killing of the wrath or exuberant joy

A constant tussle between the heart and the pen

The pen pulling out the words like mining something

It’s a fight and my being looks forward to this struggle

To get churned, and after it flows entirely

I feel dead, neutral as if

That poem never belonged to me

I forget the words

And read it like a narrator reciting someone else’s words

I belong till its birth

And cut off the umbilical just after it

The baby gets raised in other nests

Other hearts

And I enjoy to die

And my epitaph says

And she kept dying happily everafter

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About Meenakshi M Singh

Meenakshi M. Singh is a rainbow woman and a true change maker. She is an author of three books “SOULFUL SYMPHONY”, “AAWAZ” and “I AM ENOUGH”- a poetic tribute to the strength of the woman. She is also an entrepreneur, a certified creative writer, theatre actress and an IT professional. Being a Deputy Manager in an IT firm, she got her ultimate promotion in being a mother of twin daughters. She dared to listen to her heart choosing the path of her calling, the world of writing. Despite adversity and difficulty in her way, she strove with perseverance and passion. She has been conferred the Magicka Women's Achiever's Award, Pride of Women Award by Aagaman Group and SashaktNari Parishad - Pride of Nation Award in 2015 for being an inspiration. She is the founder and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of “creativeHappiness”, an organization focused on fostering creative expression. Her mission is to elevate society to enable people to lead creative lives, respect creativity and bring society closer to being more true and humane. She says, “I am enough as we all are enough, always”. We all can create happiness.

4 thoughts on “I write to die

  1. VijayNair

    A splendid take on the” Death of a Poet”– artistic creation coming to an end, temporarily, with the completion of a literary work.Well done !

    1. Meenakshi M Singh Post author

      Much thanks Vijay Ji! Really appreciate the way you motivate, fuel for the poet to get reborn with a poem.


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