I would fly

standing and sitting and walking
such a challenge for me these days
I think wings will grow on my back
I would fly through  your minds
stealing pictures of me in full bloom
forget me or my shadowy words
close your ears to the wind of my whispers
I would fly through your mirroring dreams
just to ease all the pains
taste no bitter liqueurs of my clouds
taste no sweetness hidden in my watery trace
I would fly, I would fly, I would fly
crawling is now my dance…

2 thoughts on “I would fly

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    If this poem is autobiographical , my sincerest commiserations for your suffering . The poetic efficacy of ” I would fly “, lies in the fact that it conveys the situation in a way that elicits both empathy and concern. The line , ” I would fly,I would fly,I would fly ” is particularly strong.

  2. Iulia Gherghei

    Thank you, Louis, Kastkin! This poem is autobiographical, therefore thank you very much for your kind words!


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