I wish….

I wish I could love you.
Love you
Like I love the beauty of nature,
The serenity of ruins,
The quiet of lonely nights.,
But then you are to me,
The symbol of magnificence and joy
Of coming youth full days.
How can I defile you?
I wish I could kiss you fervently.
Kiss you ,
like the first ray of sun
kisses the morning dew.
Or the light touch
Of the bee on the flower
Before it drank its nectar and flew.
But, you are to me,
The chaste pure thought.
Who doesn’t even know what passion is,
How can I kiss you?
I wish I could touch you,
Touch you,
Like your thoughts touch me
Deep in my heart.
Or like the unseen touch
Between the artist and his favorite art.
But if I touch you,
It would inflame
The emotions
Going out of control.
So how can I touch you!
But I still love you
Like a dying patient loves his life.
I kiss you with my heart
On your spirit
To take away all your pain
And I touch you,
With my eyes
With my feelings
And I feel like being nurtured
With blessings of the Almighty.

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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

8 thoughts on “I wish….

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Delightfully engaging, this is a fine exemplar of this author’s inimitable poetic acumen.

    Editorial Note:
    There is a maxim about “show” and “tell” in literature; I think that if you were to omit the last two lines, and end the poem on ” with my eyes,with my feelings” -that would be more impactful,because the poem does not require the additional emphasis of what are at present the last two lines.

    1. Nalini Srivastava

      Thanks Louis Sir.I will do the needful as advised.thanks a lot for your words of guidance.Keep guiding me


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