I Was Eighteen

I was eighteen
Courage of thirty
With a heart, I believed ,
Was enough rough and tough.
Yet when they came
To measure my height and fairness
And, oh, the curvature of my breasts.
I trembled, as never before
My courage was just a firefly.

I was eighteen
Too young to hide fear
But there was always a way out
I clung to a shy face.

I was eighteen
Courage of thirty
Yet when he dared to question me,
Sipping the hot tea I served,
On my name and age
My tongue went dry
Sticking to the palate
My questions got glued there.

I was eighteen
Too old for mathematics
But there was always a reason
And I calculated the gold,
Estates and wades of notes.

I was eighteen
Courage of thirty
Yet on a fine morning
I stretched my neck
To a thread of gold, I think
I shrank to fifteen, ten or five
My courage was just a firefly.

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About Fathima Manal

Dreams,fantasies,words and rhythm-other than skin,bones and muscles I am made up of these.With every drop of blood that my heart pumps,a new dream forms in me.With every breathe,i take the surroundings too inside me.And my poems are just the minute regurgitants of what i accumulate within. I am a doctor from Kerala,India,who should not be supposed to but is in deeply love with words and books more than medical books.Hope you enjoy my poems......

4 thoughts on “I Was Eighteen

  1. Vineetha

    At 18 a girl is after all still a child. Very difficult to make such life-altering decisions. Well written.


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