I lie awake, watching

I lie awake watching my little girl asleep,

I lie awake listening to her breathing sounds

So deep.

I lie awake and ponder of events

that’s been and gone,

I lie awake and wonder what changes

we could have made.


I lie awake and realise

What deep love we have to give

To those encircled, round about us,

Encircling us with love.

I lie awake with gratitude for those who offered help

What love and friendship they adhere to,

To show they mean so much.


I lie awake listening to those gentle sounds of sleep

Breathed in and out so gently

Can be heard, not even a gentle squeak.

These kind & loving Angels

Our God has given us

To love and nourish, and care for

With our deep Eternal love.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2004/2012

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