I, idiot

There’s a craziness in my heart

there’s a madness in my head,

and my blood is chanting,

do-it, do-it, do-it,

there is a trap

I want to fall into,

there is a blind spot

I don’t have to see,

there is an onrushing sound

I don’t need to hear;

the madness in my head

the craziness in my heart

are all I need

right now.


3 thoughts on “I, idiot

  1. Sameer

    It’s written in a lyrical style…probably it can turn into a great song with strong emotions ready to blast. great write loved it.

    1. louiskasatkin

      Well spotted! I totally get your insightful comment in that I’ve been listening to lots of American 70s material such as Carpenters,Bread,America et al.


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