I Dreamt A Dream at the Dawn

Do I need to recall them? No, never
Since they go on, those moments fled,
Just as happening right now, right here
They altogether got rooted in my head.

I found therein, it was me! Only me,
In the meantime, with you only you:
Not puzzling for, I alike probably
A canvas with the colourful hue,

Lied beside looking at an eye
In your face that has faced upside,
While you fairly solemn, focused on my
Non-stop and truly non-sense stride

Of the questions asked one after
The other in a row, like a happy kid
Does for a train or, for a helicopter
When gets to love, what never he did

I even remember, it was the arm
Right, on which I rested my cheek
Pleased with the unleashing charm
Of your brighten eyes’ glaring streak

How glad I am for I have captured!
All those short but cherished whiles
Within I felt no sense of being parted
And even for those high-spirited smiles

Dreamt in the last portion of the night.
The dream; all say, surely comes true
Seen just before the dawn’s rising light,
Becomes part, for never to bid adieu!

©® Naheed Akhtar1


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