I Do Not Ask For More

If it is the truth, that loving me
Caused this change in thee(you)
Then properly a plea I must make
Unlove me sweetheart, but slake

With words that invincibly brought
Smile on lips, happened to drought
Made decaying soul feel cherished,
Getting slowly, but stably perished

In seasons to seasons, whether
Rainy or winter, spring or summer
Nowhere grew saplings on the plot
Rather found attempts to keep clot

Meanwhile, the deserted land covered
All of sudden, unknown rain showered
Above and over, grassed all flavours
Of sugary syrup, hidden inside glaciers.

But you know, always been my wishes
Craved for not more, but you to be as
You please, as minimum drops sprinkled
Would sufficiently engulf a heart wrinkled

©® Naheed Akhtar

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