I.C.O.P. Poetry Critics of the Month*

( * Winners of The ICOP Bi-Monthly Poetry Critics Awards 2013 & 2014 )


January / February : Lokesh Roy

March / April : Ampat Koshy

May / June : Nalini Srivastava

July / August ; Gopal Lahiri

September / October : Rashmi Malapur

November / December : Ramesh Rai


January / February : Ramesh Rai

March / April : Reena Prasad

May / June : Gopal Lahiri

July / August : Gopal Lahiri

September / October : Lopa Banerjee  AND  Reena Prasad

November / December : Maaya Dev  AND  Shamsher Singh


January : Pramila Khadun  AND  Shashikala Sasidharan

February : Lopa Banerjee AND Maaya Dev

March : Vineetha Mekkoth AND Shamsher Singh

April : Maaya Dev AND Pramila Khadun

May : Lopa Banerjee AND Sarala Ramkamal

June : Gopal Lahiri AND Maaya Dev

July : Maaya Dev AND Elizabeth Kuriakose

August : Pramila Khadun AND Sarala Ramkamal AND Maaya Dev

September : Vijay Nair AND Kumaara Sukeja AND Pramila Khadun

October : Maaya Dev AND Vijay Nair

November : Vijay Nair AND Maaya Dev AND Shamsher Singh

December : Sarala Ramkamal AND Maaya Dev AND Vijay Nair


January : Vijay Nair

February : Gopal Lahiri AND Vijay Nair AND Sarala Ramkamal

March : Vijay Nair

April : Ramesh Rai AND Vijay Nair

May : Pramila Khadun AND Ramesh Rai AND Vijay Nair

June : Nalini Srivastava AND  Kamlesh Acharya AND Vijay Nair

July : Vijay Nair  AND Nalini Srivastava

August : Lokesh Roy  AND Vijay Nair

September : John Anthony Fingleton AND Vijay Nair

October : Vijay Nair AND John Anthony Fingleton AND Sunila Kamal

November : John Anthony Fingleton AND Vijay Nair AND Jimmy O’Malley

December : Vijay Nair AND Nalini Srivastava AND Anoucheka Gangabissoon


January : Vijay Nair   AND  Anoucheka Gangabissoon

February : Vatsala Radhakeesoon  AND  Vijay Nair

March : Vijay Nair  AND Tapeshwar Prasad

April : Anoucheka Gangabissoon  AND Vijay Nair

May : Vijay Nair AND Suzette Portes  AND Anoucheka Gangabissoon

June : Suzette Portes  AND  Vijay Nair

July : Vijay Nair AND Anoucheka Gangabissoon AND Suzette Portes

August : Suzette Portes  AND Vijay Nair

September : Anouchekha Gangabissoon AND Vijay Nair AND Suzette Portes

October : Suzette Portes AND Radhakrishnan Krishnan AND Vijay Nair

November : Nalini Srivastava AND Nikhat Bano AND Vijay Nair

December : Dr.Nikhat Bano  AND  Vijay Nair


January :Sarala Ram Kamal….Radhakrishnan Krishnan….Vijay Nair….Suzette Portes….Nalini Srivastava,…Sameer Tembe….

February :Gaurit Dixit….Nalini Srivastava….Dr.Nikhat Bano….Sameer Tembe….Suzette Portes….Vijay Nair.

March :


May :


July:  Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo….Madhumathy Rajamma….Nalini Srivastava….Rashmi Malapur….Sameer Tembe….Vijay Nair.






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