Two small stones clattered for beat,

deep nasal voice sang for food.

Little girl scampered bare feet,

arms for alms her mother stood.

Often a smile filled these souls-

not enough for their bellies.

Sometimes few coins clinked their bowl,

and the lives got a new lease.

Short and light is their slumber-

long is the song of hunger.

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About Rahul Aithal

I am from Mumbai, India. Composing poems gives me immense pleasure. Few poetic sites I write on are -,, and, recently Avant-Garde-Writer's Haven (on Facebook). You could browse my other writes on my private blog, I am glad to have joined this site, thanks to Louis. I hope to add value and get the group going.

4 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    It is ever the hallmark of a true Poet that their work intersects with and confronts the everyday vicissitudes of life. With inimitable poetic brevity and acumen the author casts a critical eye over them and articulates our common humanity.


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