How does it feel …

How does it feel
To go to sleep and never wake up?
Or just to be – not there for yonks?

How does it feel to fall
But never touch the ground?
Paused – from the pain of feeling;
Mute – to the cracking of bone like wood,
or the shatter of glass dropped.

How does it feel
To sleep and never dream?
And even with no sleep still
In slumber stay ne’er waking?

How does it feel
To travel – to no destination?
where the journey takes forever,
never reaching
and never stopping,
And endless spin.

How does it feel
To be where nothing stays?
In the realm where nothing holds?
Where sleep is sweet and days are aeons long?
Where we watch the magic in vibe unfold,
While our hands are tied never moving.

How does it feel to live in the forgetfulness?
Where memory is black to things our eyes,
Wouldn’t get tired of seeing;
and those that lost their shine and wonder.

How did it feel then,
For the first time as a wean?
How brilliant the colors glittered;
What a jewel the sun was with its flash,
And what charm was held in the smiles of men,
What marvel the stars in the heavens were
and how incredibly alive the trees swayed
With the breeze of the passing wind?

Isn’t it grand for one to be well?
With the affluence of a king in health,
And richness of an empire,
in material possession.

How does it feel
To watch the night,
Full of stars and a bright moons,
The fireflies and the meteor shower
Out there in space,
and surrounded by a humbling silence?

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About Mangeni W.Obwoya

Mang’eni Wycliffe Obwoya is a freelance writer, poet and Author of short stories. He was born on the 16th of January ’91 on the shores of Lake Victoria in the South-Eastern part of Uganda (currently Namaingo District) His poems have found a place in several international anthologies and journals like The Significant Anthology, Cupid: An Anthology on love, The umbilical cord : An anthology on Parents ... Obwoya, is currently working on a his poetry collection 'The songs of a swain', and a memoir 'The interesting narratives of a village boy'and many other online publications. He is concurrently working on his collection of poems The songs of a Swain and a memoir The interesting narratives of a Village boy, At the bale fire (A collection Samias and Bagwe folklore). He prefers writing in his mother tongue (Lusamia-Lugwe) reasoning that ‘He has neither seen a cow bleat nor heard goats mooing’ He is a graduate of Busoga University with a bachelor’s degree in Business management with a bias in Marketing When he’s not making people fall in love with his writings, he is most likely busy massaging his computer, coding and developing web sites for his ever growing clientele.

4 thoughts on “How does it feel …

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A thoroughly engaging work,magisterial in its scope,that sees the author fulfill its poetic ambitions.

    Editorial note:
    The longest of all the verses might on reflection benefit from a second look,without detracting from the impact of the poem overall.


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