Hide & Seek (by Russell Crabtree)

Hide & Seek

Hide and seek,

Close your eyes and do not peep;

Count slowly one to ten

All the kids run off and then,

They start to hide

Lots of fun

Even for the one who’s ” On “;

Today it’s me let me see

Where have they gone?

” Jack, it’s you I can see your shoe! “

” Bill, you’re ” dead ” I can see your leg!”

” Mary, you’re there I can see your hair! “;

All the boys and girls played,

Knew all their names

Played lots of other games,

Now nearly all caught and back to base

Still one I’ve to got to trace

Excitement built tension to the hilt

Searching for the final kid

It’s that crafty Sid;

There’s a noise down the ginnel

I must go, steady steady steady;

It’s my Mother

” Russell, your tea’s ready!”

it’s a brilliant game

Hide and Seek

(Russell Crabtree is a member of Writers Assemble – the local community development initiative of Destiny Poets)


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