Heed me!

My drive is pulled from the skies’ will
Wishing to be the only one to enjoy
The warmth of your embrace
The only one to taste of your human essence
The only one to whom you shall look at
With needy tugs spitting forth sparkles in your eyes
The only one to whom
You shall open the gates of your secret garden
And allow to play
As would a fairy, entranced,
By the melodies your soul sing of
At the reciprocal ecstasy we both feel
At having met with each other
On the soils of an Earth we both fell in
Merely for the sake of our love story!

Pray, living hurts,
At least away from you it does
Living hurts
As chilly winds do on cold wintery nights
Living hurts
As aches do when they prick at our bones
Living hurts
As lonely hearts do
When yearning they are, to be filled
Solely with the desires, the seeds, the feverish show
Of their lovers!

Pray, Love,
I have no other aim in this life
Other than living for you
And dying with you
So as to be back there
Where it all started
And where we are much awaited!

I would tell you of it someday,
I know I would,
As the elements dance everywhere around me
Bidding me to be patient!

I would tell you of it all
As I would sway
In your burning bed
As entranced
As would be a cobra
With its charmer!

Pray, Love,
You remain a God,
Mine own,
Fallen in a world which you belong not!

The clock is ticking
The Gods are waiting
And I, a mere puppet played solely by you,
Am agonising!

Heal me,
With the tenderness that you hide
In between walls
Which supposedly exist between you and me!

4 thoughts on “Heed me!

  1. tapeshwar

    I play truce with tender ‘self’ as between the walls; that you sway my fancy by being my elernal lover.


  2. Nikhat Bano

    Indeed a great work! Man’s transitory stay in this world, his relationship with God and his hide and seek with pain and pleasure has been beautifully expressed.


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