The last gate has been locked,
the last groundsman has gone,
Stands empty now,
soon not a brick or heap will remain;
(boots in the locker,jerseys on the floor)
Clarence Street and Fartown no more.

Clouds pass and the deserted
neighbourhood’s murmur fades
leaving the open field to its destiny
Void and awake,silently talking
to the silent travelling moon;
“The day has passed,they have gone”

Names that were once our fortress,
thirteen giants on the horizon
to which our dreams aspired;
(boots in the locker,jerseys on the floor)
Crown Flatt and Parkside no more.

Lonely and still the phantom
Stands glisten,the goalposts
symbols of our aspirations,
etch their gaunt shadows across the
turf,whereon the last try was scored,
(boots in the locker,jerseys on the floor)
hopes and dreams,no more.

(this poem was first published in Total rugby league magazine on 14/6/2000 and appeared in the official matchday programme for Wakefield Trinity v.Bradford Bulls on 23/7/2000.)
*Clarence Street was the historic home ground of York RLFC;Fartown was the home of Huddersfield RLFC-the team Tommy Smales played for-;Crown Flatt was home to Dewsbury RLFC and Parkside belonged to Hunslet RLFC.*And all before the noble Northern game of Rugby League sold its soul to NewsCorp and the Summer superleague.

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    Beautiful—even though I do not know anything about this sport, your words evoke mists and legends…well-done as usual


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