Get Me To The Dream On Time

Get me to the dream on time,

the one I’ve just left behind,

the one that’ll still be waiting for me

in that somewhere otherplace

kind of space without time

reason or rhyme;

Just get me to the dream on time

and the clocks shall all move on,

up and over and over again,

When I’m there again as if I’d never left,

I never will so I never shall,

so I’ll not ask of anyone to get me

back there to the dream on time,

the one that’s waiting,



that leaves me

4 thoughts on “Get Me To The Dream On Time

  1. VijayNair

    An engaging , allusive ,lyrical monologue ,with a personal take on a well-known line in a song from” My Fair Lady.”

  2. Santosh

    Get me to the church on time ! wow ! what a beautiful lyrical reminder of My Fair lady ! i almost broke into dance ! Absolutely enchanted !


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