Friendship Chemical

Friend in need , is a friend indeed !
Rest are opportunists
Just an obligation
Just a mist !
Learn to make friends
Learn to keep friends
Learn to know friends
Learn to earn friends !
Am I truly loved
or Am I Always Judged
Am I truly Supported
or often Deserted ?
Questions too many
Do Ask and Never Mind
but Remember Always
to be Loving and Kind ,
As You are not perfect
and Nobody is so
no one can predict
what actions will sow ,
If someone claims
to be a true friend
there sure would be times
to test and mend ,
Blessed are those
with friends not biased
no Justifications asked
no Judgements passed ,
Those who come
and those who stay
no questions asked
but always pray ,
for your Happiness and Health
are Immeasurable Wealth
Thus I am the Richest
with You Me and Ourself !
© Dr Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

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About Dr Swati A Gadgil

Anaesthesiologist , practising since last 30 yrs in Mumbai and medico legal advisor. Counsellor for Children at Puberty , Parenting , Stress Management , Motivation and Peace MBBS DA LLM Postgraduate in Human Rights Postgraduate in Hospital management Founder President of NGO, Dombivli Women's Welfare Society and it's youth wing NayaSavera Published three books of poetry Columnist and writes on various topics like Stress Management Appointed by Times of India as Consultant for their NIE Newspaper In Education Program Recognised by Medical associations and Rotary Speaker and panelists on Tele media, print media and National and International conferences Taekwondo Red Belt

7 thoughts on “Friendship Chemical

  1. VijayNair

    A well-composed ,contemplative piece on the intricacies of friendship,with interesting observations on the same subject.

    1. Swati A Gadgil Post author

      Thank you Vijay sir . Sorry for replying late …. Was tied up helping a friend … That’s friendship 🙂

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    A lively divertissement delivered with the author’s inimitable poetic aplomb.

    Editorial Footnote :-

    Venturing out on the path of brevity and incisiveness in order to generate pace,means inevitably to desist from adding one last thing.Having run the 100 metres once means you gain nothing by running an extra 10 after the race is done.

    1. Swati A Gadgil Post author

      Thank you dear Louis for your detailed response …. My poetry is maturing with such pearls of wisdom from you and ofcourse other fellow poets at Destiny …

    2. Swati A Gadgil Post author

      Dear Louis , I say sorry for reading your response late … I was stuck handling some Covid Positive friends … It’s draining my energy …. But surely writing is bliss and expression is happiness …
      I feel blessed that I am associated with this group ….


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