When I was the age of dolls
And toys, I befriended them
In absolute joy of
Unconditional love;
Then ushered in
The turmoil and excitement of teens,
Books and secret crushes. .
The language of silence. ..
Much did I walk hand in hand with them.

Then I grew up…
So did the need and longing for friendship.
The walk friendship, the talk friendship;
Friendship to sew the wounds of heart,
Or the scars of arrogance.

The midnight snack friendship
Or the one that bloomed
Over a cup of tea on a rainy day,
In the rented hostel room.

The friendship that thrived
Either on a shared meal
Or mutual pain
Or a 100 rupee note
Contribution for the college trip.
The ones that evolved like a dew drop..
Felt once, seeped in soul for eternity.

Friendship that grows
Out of common likings..
Or same aversions;
Friendship that offers a helping hand
Or much needed hug when you break into tears..
Or better still
The one that shares..
The unnecessary giggles,
In the middle of road or a boring lecture.

Looking back..
I see the empty spaces..
And moments gone by,
The vacant Balcony
And a deluge of memories.

Friendships, perhaps
Are never forever…
Just like life.

Sakshi chanana

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