Four sights of Gautama!

While paddling my bicycle on the road
I carried my square window gaze
parted with rods of stronger thoughts
towards the fleeting surrounding landscape
evenly, ameliorating the four sights of Gautama:
an old man, a sick man, a corpse and an ascetic

Seeing no wonder-shade, under any carcass tree
Along the side of roadway;
Plattered with high rise buildings
Burgeoning with burning heat of the summer day
I wandered alone like a robotic fix
Turning my head occasionaly to encounter the wisdom of fore

While half-way down the approaching home
I bellied out my hunger for the food
Gulping my sweat, and salty air down my parched throat.
Parking the bicycle below the staircase
I dozed straight to my bed
A day reverie to find a shade under the peepal tree

3 thoughts on “Four sights of Gautama!

    1. tapeshwar Post author

      ‘m so humbled by thy marvellous words dear Sir Vijay Nair Jee! Its precious to own it by my heart! Gratitude .. _()_

  1. Kamlesh Acharya

    Beautiful. The poem effortlessly traipses from ancient wisdom to current affairs, from spiritual wisdom to man’s madness… all in one…


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