For a long lost friend

Yout heart nestling
Deep within, beneath
the deepest confines
Call it an artery
Or arota if you like
O that once beat
Skipping a beat or two
For my smile captivating
and now ! after ages have passed
as I reminisce, alone
-is all well with you
all these years
has it been nice to you
keeping you as stout, as hearty
-to greet me once again
With the same cheer
the same vigour
And at least ,to look upon me
with a kind smile
that comes from deep within
Your heart nestling
Yes,how have you been…

4 thoughts on “For a long lost friend

  1. lokesh roy Post author

    After going through – poets who are they- i was seriously questioning whether I shall fit in there ! But your comment has come as a reassurance , my sincere thanks.


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