Flight of the Songbird: (Over Pakistan)

Silent songbird high in the sky ,
what do you see with your roving eye ?
gracefully swooping above and gliding ,
can you see those below who are in hiding ?
searching high and low over mountain and field ,
what does your intelligence finally yield ?
many packed rooms at a local school ,
who did they think that would fool ?
not you silent songbird high in the sky ,
now you get to choose how many die ;
as your 500 pound bomb silently descends
and the story of those children suddenly ,

4 thoughts on “Flight of the Songbird: (Over Pakistan)

  1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

    Comments gleaned from the Facebook page of ” Your wish is my command “,24 October:Sunil Sharma, Kusum Vig and Venkatesh Kumar like this.

    Venkatesh Kumar I am touched. Do we really neee wars? What wrong have the children done to anybody? The war masters dismiss it as collateral damage. Heartless plunderers.
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    Kusum Vig It is such a pleasure to see your post here, Louis….”not you silent songbird high in the sky ,now you get to choose how many die ;” What a thought provoking write from a Master poet. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    Venkatesh Kumar So much of Wordswoth I ser in your poem Louis Kasatkin
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    Sunil Sharma Superb! Louis Kasatkin: The great mentor and poet-critic defamiliarises the songbird-narrative and makes it extremely potent and political—the true hallmark of a genius poet anywhere. So simple, yet so profound and elegant.
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  2. Louis Kasatkin Post author

    Re: [Facebook Poetry Society] Silent songbird high in the sky ,
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    great poem….heartbreaking!

  3. ramesh rai

    A Painful write. These bombs do not recognise any one even the hill mountains, rivers,. OMG ! when this world will be fit to live in. My God ! Please save this world from all these ego makers.

  4. Santosh

    Why all this ill will and rancour, all this hatred and war, when love and peace is so easy to find. Very poignant indeed.


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