Women have something in them ;
Are they defiant, a man lets out “No ‘
They are thrifty; a man goes along with,
A delicacy in the taut veins;
reticence on the countenance ;
Who announces? a man
They don’t learn by ear,
They don’t utter,
They plainly cherish ;
Dreams seeping through
the forlorn veins, unsound and clear, conjuring up devotion and life solacing their every whiff of being,
They serve when they are asked for something,
They cooperate when they are asked
They never requite, when they are reprimanded ;

Their journey is terrible,
Their body languidly becomes tainted
in the defiled troughs, but they
never vex their inheritance ;
Their life is powerful,
Their dissertation is influential
Their love is unequivocal
Who responds? a man
Yet he hegemonizes the

The woman, bearer of all
Pains, impediments, wretchedness.
Such is the woman,
She as a daughter cares for her father
She as a sister admires
the brother
She as a wife appreciates the husband
She as a mother loves all;
Extensive love through the transparent reflectors, murk chunks, insulated realities of life.

They do, what a man can’t do,
And a wave of grief,
she invariably holds deep in the remote cliffs of her heart ;

Hey man, spend a day like a
And brook when words like a stiletto perforate your heart so intensely,
and then don’t moan, stay soundless,
It is just a start,

And when your heart whisks
fast upon doing something erroneous,
then don’t screech, stay soundless,
It is just a start,

And when in the medial night
you’ll b asked to fetch a glass
of water, then don’t sob,
it is just a start,

And when, while giving birth to a baby, upon enduring the labor pain, don’t roar,
it is just a start.

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About Adnan shafi

Young Adnan Shafi, (23) was born and brought up in a middle class educated Bhat family, which belongs to Chandrigam in Tral area of Kashmir valley. He is a poet, writer, columnist, translator, short story writer, reviewer, blogger , motivational speaker, ghazal-writer and an editor His poetry book "TEARS FALL IN MY HEART' depicts sorrows and vicissitudes of life. There are various hues in his poems ranging from love to loneliness and despair. Besides, his poetry is replete with the simplicity of thought and language. Some of the poems are autobiographical in nature which relate to his own life’s vows. Some of his poems have been highlighted by different MAGAZINES, JOGMAG, DUANESPOETREE , PETRICHOR magazine, FUNDZA LITERARY TRUST ,SPILLWORD, ONLINE CONTEMPORARY POETRY, FAMILY FRIEND POETRY, UGC approved JOURNAL, WRITERS CAFE, YOALFAAZ, POEM HUNTER, YOUR STORY CLUB, THIENS.IN, FAST KASHMIR, TIMES OF KASHMIR JOURNALIST WEBSITES, HELLO POETRY, and more platforms on the INTERNET He contributes his articles/opinions for different news organizations in Kashmir LIKE BRIGHTER KASHMIR, KASHMIR VISION, RISING KASHMIR, KASHMIR AGE, READER KASHMIR, FAJR, KASMIR PEN, KASHMIR THUNDER, DAILY KASHMIR AGE.

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