Fear from past

That fear from past is still there
Clinging on to me as the red soil
Stuck into the cracks of a wet sole
Never leaving me, even with the tip of a midrib
Or with the rough surface of a washing stone.
Though I live in a set of make-belief stories ,
Of my own boldness and courage,
That fear from past is still there.

Time has already gone a little ahead
To shout at them those cumulated words
That, ‘open your eyes, I too have a heart,
Loosen your hands, I have my own feet
There’s more to do from dawn to dusk
Than blowing into a dying hearth
With a broken grease tinged oily pipe’.
Words have a sweet shade of freedom
Yet carry that viscous pain of fear
Leaving me silent at the face of destiny
And I agree, the fear from past is still there.

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About Fathima Manal

Dreams,fantasies,words and rhythm-other than skin,bones and muscles I am made up of these.With every drop of blood that my heart pumps,a new dream forms in me.With every breathe,i take the surroundings too inside me.And my poems are just the minute regurgitants of what i accumulate within. I am a doctor from Kerala,India,who should not be supposed to but is in deeply love with words and books more than medical books.Hope you enjoy my poems......

5 thoughts on “Fear from past

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Fear from past ” examines ,what are essentially , existential questions in a forthright ,compassionate and compelling manner which in turn exhibit Fathima’s particular poetic strengths .

  2. Mohammad ashraf

    Although the time moves on,it has left its scars . The flow of time like that of water which dissolves the fabrics of common mortals,passes without any effect here.Again the imagery is appalling…’the red soil clinging into the wet sole’ shows the macabre imagination of the poet at work!


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