To Farewells
There is a Decorum
Not abandoning
Bodies in shallow sands
Of the Holy Ganga

No trees left
No wood no money
To light pyres
So many bodies floating
In Ganga waters bloating

Holy Mother
Ganga Heaven descended
Pardon us Maa
We are not sacrilegious
But helpless , Mother

Take us away
To the Ocean unless
The Beings here
Dogs vultures insects
Take us before you can

Forgive us
These indecorous grotesque
Macabre images
We shall never forget

By Ganga banks
I live , my life flows
But like her strangled
By dams : development

By Ganga banks
We die and should be burnt
Ashes immersed
Not bodies left to rot
No dignity in death

Robbing the dead
Of dignity ; the living
Of the solace
Of fond farewells
Who does this ?

Not listening
Not responding or knowing
Each human
Is like another , is sunset
Of civilization

Since we said
Our Farewells to most trees
In the recent past
The trees are not here
To bid us Farewell

( ASA )

8 thoughts on “Farewells

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    A bitter truth to swallow… the grim realities of our times …so well portrayed dear poet!

  2. VijayNair

    A powerful indictment.A poem that underlines indignation and helplessness. An excellent piece of ”controlled” writing.

  3. Amita Paul

    Thank you for the critical appreciation of this linked series of tankas which turned into a poem as angst sought expression


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