Fallaciousness of life

The Ego and the Pride
That humanity holds to itself
Makes no sense!

See, today, the human face
Is all supple and glowing
The human skin
Firm and strong
And the human body
Beautiful and lean
And tomorrow,
Let alone be all diseased and
Grim looking
Why, it simply ceases to be
Turned into remnants of ash
Not even visible with the eyes!

Here, a world it is,
Relying upon a cyclic movement
Water is constantly turning into vapour
And vapour is constantly turning into clouds
Clouds, which are constantly pouring back as water
Humans, similarly,
Come and go
With the exception that their life span
Is much longer than those droplets of water!

No emotion is to be attached to one another
No love is to be felt,
No hurt is to be endorsed
No remorse to be hanging on our hearts
And no judgements are to be made
Upon any one of us!
What matters remain the carrying out of our duties
To the skies and to the ruling power
As diligently as did will our birthrights!

Bother not about those who act not like us
Or, who cannot even understand the depth
Of our consciousness
Shed not any tears at the hate words they hurl
At our insight
Live, rather
Live, every single day that the skies
Allow you to
Live with the pull of that little voice
Which guides your thoughts, your choices,
Your words and your actions
As that voice
Belongs not to you
But has been sent to you
From those same powers
Who willed you your life!

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