Fake dolls

Human beings have become the pros of disguise

So much fuss about make up and hairdos

So much fuss about weight gain and dieting

So much fuss about having to look perfect

So much fuss about being socially normal

But has normal not been distorted

Has normal not been distended

To become so fake!


We all have imperfect skin tones

We all have dark circles under our eyes

We all have flaws on our faces

We all have curves

We all have faults

And at one point, when no one sees

We are all so human!

But then, why is it that we reject ourselves

Why is it that we follow unpractical trends

Why is it that to please

We have to give the impression of being faultless?

As it is, we are all dolls,

Sketched and sculpted to be, just as we are

By the one force more powerful than Nature

Yes, the one force to rule everything in the cosmos

If we have been given the traits or the features we do have

It is because that force wanted it to be such

So pray

Why do we have to distort our naturalness

Why do we seek to glow

When in our breath lies already

The glowing spark of mysticism!

Better would it have been

To see humans connecting to each other

Through the auras emanating from their souls!

Yes, better would it have been

To see on human faces,

The reflections of their heart’s warmth!

5 thoughts on “Fake dolls

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    It is ever the calling of a true Poet to be the judge of society’s contemporary mores. However, a self-evidently passionate and incisive work has strayed somewhat into the form of a jeremiad – on a humongous scale- where its otherwise telling impact is dissipated and rendered less effectual than it might have been at one half of its eventual length.


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