Event Horizon

Greyless grey

endless grey,

where beginnings began

and endings end

Shifting times of sand

where distances ran

out of time and space

and having run

ended their race;

No-one waited for

tide nor time

no-one not even you

and when time and tide

together were gone,

ebbed into the long ago

long awaited now

you were nowhere to be seen,

You were seen,


where you’ve always been

remaining remaindered

forgotten forgetting


Greyless grey.

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4 thoughts on “Event Horizon

  1. amitapaul

    The poet uses paradoxes in this poem to intrigue the truth of the paradox of life into revealing itself in this poem

  2. Suma K Gopal

    An intelligent weaving of color, time, space and human emotions generating existential thoughts in the readers.


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