Essence of living

If I could just hold my heart in my hands

And watch it,

As it morphs into an eagle or into a sparkly butterfly

Depending upon my whims

Pray, I would have made sure

To have it safe and protected at all times!


But then,

I wonder with a start,

Is this all about living?

Hiding behind imaginary giants

Believing that they shall protect me

From tidal waves

And catastrophic cyclones?


Is this all about living

Or is it simply cautioning myself

To exist

While waiting for the daunting hands of Death

To snatch me away to realms my human mind

Shall never be able to perceive!


Why, is living not about feeling,

Falling, hurting and getting up again

Crawling if need be

To amass in my soul

An ocean of experiences

From which myself and others may gain!


Is living not placing my heart in an orchard

And letting it untangle itself

From life’s mighty vines

While making sure it keeps itself safe

From life’s hungry wolves?

Is living not

Being free,

And unaccountable to anyone

Except to myself?

Is living not allowing my heart to try escaping

The dinner time of ogres

While managing to survive amidst witches?


Pray, determined,

I lower my guards,

Smile at my heart,

Place it in my chest,

And look out at the world

Ready to live it!

4 thoughts on “Essence of living

  1. suzette portes san jose

    living in this world in the realm of reality is always confronted with so many fears in life …the courage is ours to hold on tight and the belief that somehow our existence is a game in creation…everyone takes the part… and the choices are many… a provoking thought dear 🙂


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