what we own is not ours,

what is given will return,

what is gifted will be taken –

possessions last but a while.

if your station crumbles,

is it not returned?

if your wealth fizzles,

is it not returned?

if your breath ceases,

is it not returned?

life that stops breathing

is but returned.

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About làgbàyí

làgbàyí is a teacher, writer, editor, arts and culture enthusiast. His writings revolve around societal problems especially situations that “ridicule” humanity. Although he engages in other forms of writings, prefers to make his feelings known through poetry. He has unpublished works and also has edited numerous works, academic and creative.

10 thoughts on “ephemeral

  1. suzette portes san jose

    what we have in this world is God given … from his own air blown into man to breathe with, a spirit and soul with in us…and when the time comes…it shall be returned… creation onto his creator… lovely poem dear…

  2. Deji

    Interesting poem…deep, philosophical…

    Initially got lost when I read…if your wealth ceases, is it not returned…

    Told myself I know a lot of people whose wealth were not returned….then I got the gist….that if wealth ceases, it only went back to where it came from. Wealth came from somewhere before, and when it leaves you, it only went back to where it came from. Then I understood the whole point of the poem – Ka ma w’aye m’aya.

    Nothing truly belongs to us. Like Dido says: nothing I have is truly mine.

  3. Anoucheka

    Truth highly portrayed……..nothing is ours in this world…….from our body to our possessions………great poem dear poet friend 🙂


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