What can you do
when envy gets in your way?
You feel the snake
sliding slowly along your spine;
Your eyes are emitting rays
that are supposed to burn
You smile,
You look indifferent,
so that you savour a little revenge
Go home and eat your nails!
Dream dreams of greatness!
“What? Don’t you think that
I can conquer success, too?”
Get brave in your solitude
so that in the morning
you can face the ruins in the mirror,

2 thoughts on “Envy

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A poem full of mystery and intrigue.Life,as seen in this work,is a complex jigsaw puzzle with some of the bits missing. Envy,indifference,delusions of grandeur,an ego in turmoil;the poem’s narrative is a boiling stew of repressed and conflicting emotions. Interesting,to say the least.


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