Not in his scorching flame

But in rousing reddish glow

Peeped up

In salient secretive moves

Kissed the tiny tamarind leaves

Softly transmitting the golden hue

They blushed

Flushing off the reluctant drowsiness

Wow! The leaves synchronized

In golden flow!


Oozing out a charismatic fragrance

As an envious lover

Dwindling in and out

Dazzling every tiny leaf

In caressing lullabies hummed

Yet, the hidden the passion

In the golden wealth freely gained,

The trespassing breeze so uncared


The air sweats

As the twinkling of dew-lets

The ornamental chain hung on

The tiny tails of grass

Someone’s envy inviting


Hey! A chariot declaring it’s might

Packed up huge bundles of pride

Ash painted

As if filled in lump-sum revenge

The dark mountain cloud

Erected up with a frenzied face cast

In its freezing bitterness, too cool

Poured down as heavy drops

As if pelting stones zigzag.

No where freed of its agonised furore!


Drained are the hopes in

Mutilated rummage of thoughts

The lover from the heart drawn in

As if a huge veil of disgrace

Fell on the renewal fits.



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Born on first Nov 1959 in Mumbai, INDIA. Had the schooling at Mumbai & graduated in Physics from Calicut University in Kerala. Married to M Ravindran. We have 2 boys , the elder is Lt. Commdr in Indian Navy & the younger boy is doing his MS ( Aero space) at IIT Chennai,India. I am working as a MATH Teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya since 1980. I write poems in Malayalam, English & Hindi. Published a malayalam Poem collection "JWALA" in 2009. Many of my poems have been published in journals.

4 thoughts on “Envy

  1. Madhumathy

    Beautiful. glorious description of the rays of the sun kissing tamarind leaves and the envious clouds casting a shadow to deface its glory and the eventuality of everything ending in a heavy downpour. ..Personalised touch towards the end adds to the charm.


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