Emptiness gnaws at the pores of my inner self

Causing me to stare at the path laid out for me

With a heavy expression on my face!

Why, is it, I do wonder, what the rest of the world feels

When they try to wonder about giving any meaning

To life?

Pray, emptiness, oblivious to my unease

Invades all the pores of my body

Playing on them, notes and notes of its own melodies

Rejoicing at these even

And bidding me to do same!

But emptiness is not to be favored

Emptiness is not my friend

Emptiness is to be fought

Emptiness is the testing ground for the skies

Why, the way I deal with it, shall be the reason

I shall come to know someday

If I shall be deemed as worthy of settling in Eden

Or I shall have to toil on the lands of fallen worlds!

Pray, come, emptiness may lurk around

Emptiness shall keep on lurking

Best would it be to learn to play the piano

So that I succeed in satisfying it, by doing exactly what it wants

Yes, best is it to soothe myself by playing the pieces of my life

In total symphony with the many layers of emptiness!

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