Echoing Dream

Don’t be troubled
I will not walk the hall
You will not see me smile
You won’t hear me say your name

I will not walk in your life
I don’t expect an invite
Nor a warm welcome
If we cross path
I will pretend I don’t know you
As you wish

Don’t be trouble
It is not like before
I said your name
I smiled at you
As you smiled back at me
You heard my voice
I heard your laughter

Everything was just an echo
An echo of our past
It is no longer real
An echoing dream
An illusion

6 thoughts on “Echoing Dream

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Echoing Dream ” greets the reader with its finely crafted ,intuitive grasp of personal relationships and philosophic musings thereon. The attentive reader will also note the 3 other short poems concurrently posted by Ann,whose return to activity on our site has been long overdue !

  2. shamsher

    Transactionational. analysis well pinned up to understand the shades of relations and it’s different colours. A great write

  3. Maaya Dev

    A contemplative poem about fall out of relationships. Author amazingly composed which connect the reader instantly. Beautiful !


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