Dustbowl ( Rebooted as The Dust Bowl 18/12/18 )

The names and their faces
those times and their places,
the rundown rail depot
from where the last westbound left
in that dry-cracked goodbye summer
when water was heaven
and wells coughed their
grinding choking echo,
dust for a future
that had yet to be;
In those places and their times
heavy inked portraiture faces
made indistinguishable by
careless careworn thumb and fingers
of the ones chosen to
witness their passing,
so that records were kept
for whoever would come after
to research rediscover
those times and their places,
shrouded names and their faces
down by the rail depot
in that dry-cracked summer
when the westbound whistled its goodbye.

(Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right to be recognised as the author of this work)

4 thoughts on “Dustbowl ( Rebooted as The Dust Bowl 18/12/18 )

  1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

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    Dustbowl by louis kasatkin
    The comment (by kelly bella):

    I hesitate to comment. I didn’t give this the very top rating for a very selfish reason. When I read the first lines, I thought the poem was going to go in one direction. In the middle I saw I was on the eastbound train instead of the westbound train. Then that brilliant ending made me wistful for the dustbowl farms and dustbowl faces I thought I would see in detail. But your vision is your vision and I really don’t have the right to stand here wishing for a different direction. Your writing is excellent and the rhythm sublime and I really should give you your space in time and thus your proper kudos… I’ll go see if I can change my vote…

  2. Lokesh Roy

    “so that records were kept…to research rediscover those times and their places…” These are profound lines made immortal by our esteemed Louis Kasatkin. Hence let the Westbound go wherever it does with all the dust , but always full-steam on a path of re-discovery.

  3. ramesh rai

    A very deep poem, can not be denied so easily. through his invulnerable write the esteemed poet has conveyed a message to research and rediscover the pace of time. Would it be not better if the Hon’ble Poet may please explain the inner feelings and emotions hidden in his creation.

    1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

      Thank you for that insightful commentary.”Dustbowl” is indeed about how we choose to remember ,both as individuals and communities,the events and circumstances that have come to shape our present day existence.


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