Do not stir my pond of tranquility

why should I love the wind?
why should your whisper stir my waters?
silence and stillness are my pond of tranquility
why should a breeze
my surface break?

why should a quake torment my void nights?
why thoughts of passion, your passion, would disturb my quiet slumber?
Why not let space and time bring dust on our pulses
Why not dissolve our essences in sweet oblivion
Why not, I say …

forget my name…
forget my dance in moon’s embrace
my skin taste, my lips’ curve
forget, I say
my name

4 thoughts on “Do not stir my pond of tranquility

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    With a metaphorical swish of her poetic wand ,Iulia has conjured another one of her vibrant ,engaging,highly readable and enjoyable discourses on the vagaries of personal relationships.

    1. iuliagherghei

      You have the magic wand, Louis Kasatkin!!! With your wonderful comments you turn my humble verses in real poetry. Thank you so much!!!


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