Disparate Thoughts on my Birthday

Shall we fail or shall we

try to achieve a little before

we fail in any case ;

If we forget the words

to a song won’t it

get sung ever again ?

Putting our hand up first

with the answer

we invariably incur the wrath

of the dullards behind us ,

who wait in perpetual dread that

they might be called upon to think ;

Do we try to extinguish the candles

on our birthday cake one by one

or all at once ?

what gain is there if one is left

to flicker flicker alone and serene

amid the encroaching gloom .

7 thoughts on “Disparate Thoughts on my Birthday

  1. pramila khadun

    What a lovely poem, I read it twice to have a lovely taste of it. Happy Birthday dear Louis, have a great time.Life starts at 60.

  2. Sarala Ramkamal

    thought provoking …

    Happy Birthday Louis .. whatever the life offers we have to face it with a cool heart … there is only one in this world that can go on as a friend without hurting us – that is the self … May you be enjoying the peace and serenity in the coming moments all along 🙂 best wishes 🙂

  3. aashi

    A poet leaves so many candles in this world in form of his or her poetry. So it doesn’t matter how many candles he extinguishes on his birthday cake. His poetry will keep illumining the world forever…. Happy birthday. 🙂 extinguish as many candles as you wish either all at once or one by one….

  4. Sunil Sharma

    Another lovely binary gets explored here by the birthday boy Louis in his typical style of setting up and then demolishing that premise in a Socratic mode of query. The inner dialogue is very illuminating and suggests to reader a sense of impermanence.
    As usual, different in texture and feel!
    Enjoyed its cadence and flow…


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