Dinnertime, Yum

I’m standing by my cooker

Again to cook some food,

When all around me shrieks of

“I hate that, can’t you cook some toads?”


Well then, you’ve guessed

Just exactly what came next –

When all broke loose was

“Yuck, you do, and I’ll throw up?”


I tell you



Well that was far beyond my mind.

For laugh and breathe was just a dream

For want of breath.


For laugh we did and did soo well

That food was off our minds

Well, I ask you, really

Could you think of food instead?


Hear they come in twos and fours

Aleaping all we come.

“Don’t dare eat us, don’t you dare

Quick chaps, get out of here”

Said I with waving spoon.


“Eek, yuck, how could you dare

To think of such a thing?

Escape, go leap

Get out of here

Before my children come again.”


The motto of this story bodes

For parents all we know

Just be warned to cook your food

Before they all get home!


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

1 thought on “Dinnertime, Yum

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Dinnertime,yum ” alongside , ” You are not alone ” and “Twinkling of an eye ” display the poet’s versatility and industriousness.Such an abundance of delight, a veritable plethora of poetry.


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