All the while I was thinking
For a better prosperity
From the age of understanding;
Toiled a little and spoiled more
I worked out a plan
Only to put my life in a litter bin;
Years have past
And dear ones have run fast
Leaving me behind to pant;
I lost the race bitterly
And now I cry for a better track
Once again aiming to run hard;
Skills and skills have been my friends
Thoughtless life surpassed my wills
Nothing if I say everything kills;
A life full of desperation
Devoured my happiness
In the name of passion towards work;
Missing it all
I hope for a better sunrise
And in the process I hate myself.

( Mohamed Umar Farooq )

1 thought on “Desperation

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Firstly and most importantly,a great big welcome to Mohamed! thank you for posting and sharing for the first time on our site. “Desperation” impressed me as a very introspective piece of work,always challenging to the writer as well as reader.The layers of meaning are ones that need to be teased out and require more than a cursory reading.”Contemplative” would I think be an appropriate tag for this piece.After all,in any genre of writing,poetry most of all,the “self” is the hardest subject.


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