Nothing –
Nothing happened
When my bare feet
Slipped over the pebbles,
Eroded smooth
By unyielding currents.

There was no spark
Of recognition,
No remembrance,
No sense of loss,
No desire, no pain.

Only the remnants
Of a palpable numbness
That I would attribute
To no one,
Because, nothing –
Nothing at all happened…

– August 13th, 2015
© Sana Rose 2015

Denial is a deep psychological aspect. A defensive mechanism, a way of survival and the path to loss of identity. I didn’t realize the inspiration behind this small poem until after I published it on my fb page.
The credit goes to a novel that portrays the victim of physical domestic abuse at the hands of her husband. And ‘denial’ is her tool of survival. Every moment of being hurt is imagined to be not happening as it happens.

6 thoughts on “Denial

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Denial ” conveys a subtly crafted evocation of existential menace and dread.

    EDITORIAL NOTE ( For the benefit of the author ) : Your footnote needs to be far more concise. And your use of ” remnance ” is interesting since it constitutes a neologism.,which in itself is no bad thing;could your original intention have been , ” remembrance ” or ” remnant ” ?

    1. Sana Rose Post author

      Thank you very much, Louis.
      Yes, it was a bad typo, I was intending ‘remnants’. Thanks for pointing that out. Have edited it out.

      The footnote – I have removed a couple of sentences, other than that either I have to keep it or pass it, I guess.

  2. Kuchibhotla Sarada

    It’s all in the thinking.. I believe. very beautifully portrayed the strength of a person by denying the abuse…beautiful write..kudos


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