Death gapes

Death gapes at me
While I pretend to be not aware
Of its bulky presence!

Death grins
Knowing that sooner or later,
I shall definitely be in its grips!

Death does know not though
Of how much in love I am with it
It is the only medium
Through which
I shall cease to be curse
It is the only medium
Through which
I shall no more be a self imposed burden!

Death is,
As it has always been for me,
Ever since I begot the awakening of an adult
The only release that would be able to soothe me,
The only carriage which would allow me
To drift to there where seas are made of ambrosia
And living centers around jolliness!

Death gapes,
While chuckling to itself
Of how much of an intruder it is,
A peeper, a pervert even
Knowing not
That it is,
In the very end,
My lover,
The only one whose embrace
I yearn for
The only one whose embrace
Shall be not for me,
A sin!

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