Death, a particular case of freedom

Freedom such a  frail notion

Courage a state of mind that defies death

another kind of freedom

now it makes sense

those who are eager to meet death will sink in freedom


with every second that rains upon us

we get familiar to the death, we get friendly with her spectrum

it is true in the beginning we are revolted by its shadow

it is unfair all the cells are crying, unfair that all to be spilled in death

bit by bit we gather courage, we gather pain, in no time

freedom relieves herself, death becomes a natural passage to the unknown

this time  freedom splits every cell, dust silences the storm

courage is adorned

death is longed for, like the desert craves for a cloud

like a slave wishes to be free

all are looking for an exit

the scene got crowded

4 thoughts on “Death, a particular case of freedom

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The title has a certain retro-chic,echoing the style of say,an Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle mystery.The poem does kind of dance and twirl around with some energy on the juxtaposed notions of death/sprituality/freedom………[ EDITORIAL NOTE….Punctuation ? appears haphazard;there are commas in the middle of a line that then continue on and other lines that have no comma at all but should have.A comma is universally acknowledged as a line break in poetry.Some technical revision may be appropriate]

  2. lokesh roy

    Death? Oh, it sends a chill down the spine and yet,this poem attempts to face it with ease !Well,let’s leave it at that.


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