Alas! What is born should die.
That it brings much sorrow and grief is no lie,
In many, emotional pain and depression,
All unavoidable truths in succession.

Of all biological functions bereft,
Of life nothing left,
The corpse, a set of remains, a cadaver
When all flesh gone, merely a skeleton later.

Innumerable are the causes which bring about deaths
Trauma resulting in terminal injury, or accidents,
Homicide, dehydration, starvation or malnutrition,
Disease, aging or predation.

Many cultures and religions believe,
After death, again you live,
In after life, you gain a recompense
Or for one’s sins a sentence.

Buddhists believe after death there is enlightenment,
Plato termed the separation of soul and body as bereavement.
According to Epicurus ‘when death is we are not’.
And Hinduism maintains after death people reincarnate.

Nowadays, we have almost lost count of who is dying,
Such a heavy death toll, the ravaging pandemic is causing.
Alas! Death comes as the great leveller unaware
And lays its icy hands alike on kings and beggars, beware.

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About Pushmaotee Subrun

Pushmaotee Fowdur Subrun was born in 1949 in Mauritius. She pursued higher studies in Delhi University where she graduated in English. For the past forty-four years she has worked in secondary schools, seven years of which she spent in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, teaching English in an army school. She completed her PGCE at the Mauritius Institute of Education in 1993. After her retirement, she was a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius for three years. She is currently a reader and editor in the Ministry of Arts and Culture. She has written one novel, one play and Short Stories and Fables. Her poems have featured in Setu Magazine, ‘Poetry and Creativity’ and in Atunis Poetry.

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