Dear Life

Dear Life!
Why are you so bleak, these days?
So stiff, so rude,
So complicated as a knot,
Furious like my fate,
Ruthless like a politician,
Uncompromising like an attitude.

Come some day,
Come to my modest hut,
I’ll welcome you with a smile,
Offer you the best rewards;
Come and embrace me,
Console me,
Sit with me in the cosy winter sunshine,
Let’s have a cup of coffee,
Discuss the hardships,
Talk about the solutions,
Let’s untangle the complexities.

You, you, please don’t be un-empathetic
Don’t be unpredictable;
Don’t be painful,
I’ve fallen on your spikes, with bare back, bleeding profusely,
Offer me help,
Wipe my tears,
Give me solutions.
And, be with me, Life
Be with me!

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About Dr Khaleeq Ahmad

Dr. Khaleeq Ahmad, working in the field of education in India, is a B.Ed and an M.A., Ph.D. in English. He has been working as a Teacher Trainer, material developer and a resource person in ELT. His professional qualifications include Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), Cambridge University, London, Teacher Development Programme and Train the Trainer both from British Council India, GESE- Grade 12 from Trinity College, London and School Leadership Development Programme from IIM Ahmedabad. Partnership) Award from British Council and has been awarded with the 'Bhagirthi Award' for Excellence in Teaching of English in 2012. Dr. Ahmad loves to read books full of suspense and thrill. He studies poetry particularly Urdu Ghazals along with Wordsworth and Browning.

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